Recent Projects

Dream Bathroom Builder (WordPress Plugin + VueJS)

A builder where users can customize a bathroom. I used VueJS on Front-End and later converted it into a WordPress plugin.

I used canvas to paint images on ‘main canvas’ where users can customize its bathroom parts, colors, patterns, etc.

Once completed, all painted images on canvas shall be converted into one base-64 image.

The plugin can send the image to the user via email.

User and Event Registration Site

Built a website where users can register, upload their products, and register to events. I used Javascript, PHP and Statamic CMS for this. (Tailwind CSS as well).
User Voting (Statamic Addon)

Statamic is a CMS just like WordPress. Statamic Addon is equivalent to a WordPress plugin. This user voting addon allows user to send a ‘contest entry form’ to the site, then visitors can vote for their entry. I used Javascript and PHP for this.
Alert (VueJS)

An alert (notification) VueJS component. Uses an ‘event bus’ to communicate across other components.

Airtable API Integration

Developed a ‘wholesale order system’ where the order is being sent and saved to Airtable though its API. I used PHP for this.
Algolia API Integration

Implemented algolia search API integration though Javascript (InstantSearchJS library). Algolia is a search engine that uses your indexed data.

Career History

May 17, 2020 - December 2020

Front-End Web Developer

I worked with Soko Labs as a front-end web developer for the Swivt Project, an inventory management system.

  1. Javascript
  2. VueJS
  3. NuxtJS
  4. HTML and CSS
August 22, 2018 - January 31, 2020

Web Developer

I am a Front-End Developer at 5align LLC (rebranded as Iation) and became full-stack on mid 2019. I maintain sites and build functionalities based on clients' requests. I code in:

  1. Javascript
  2. VueJS
  3. PHP
  4. Laravel

I use Statamic (Laravel-based CMS) to create websites for clients.

I also used TailwindCSS, Git, Laravel-Mix, Webpack amongst other tools out there. I use Visual Studio code editor and XAMPP as local server.

December 2016 - Present

Freelance Blogger

Currently, I own 7 sites which I maintain from content writing, SEO and Social Media Marketing. These are my blogs and websites:

  1. Tourist Spots Finder
  2. Mobile Networks Philippines
  3. Useful Wall
  4. Philippine Clearances
  5. Philippine IDs
  6. Pixels Converter
  7. Tax Calculator Philippines
  8. Calculator Daily - built with NuxtJS
  9. Timesheet Calculator - built with NuxtJS
  10. Age Calculator - built with NuxtJS
  11. Date Time Calculator - built with NuxtJS
  12. Percentage Increase Calculator - built with NuxtJS
June 2015 - December 2016

Online Marketing Staff

I spearheaded a small team and increase the number of enrolees for up to 10% every enrollment through Social Medica Marketing and SEO!

Enjoyed planning, implementation and result analysis of marketing campaigns both online and offline.

2014 - 2015

Entry-Level Graphic Designer

Designed print materials and web images.

Pre-proccessed images for an online e-commerce store.